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Mariya is strongly committed her to research in the field of probiotics and the human microbiome. Her effort in the filed has been recognized by peers and resulted in the publication of high-quality articles. If you want to know about her exciting and groundbreaking research browse her research page!

Mariya is also actively trying to engage with the public and translate complicated scientific terms in layman's term. During the years she has actively organized international scientific conferences and gives engaging scientific presentations. Lately, she is also involved in organizing workshops for midwives, doulas, expecting parents and anyone interested in learning more about microbiome. For more information click the link below!

Recently she also started her consultancy in the field of probiotics and the human microbiota. She will be glad to help you in choosing the correct strains, looking with you at the regulations, help with organizing your meetings and conferences and provide any advice that best suits your company or organization. Contact her today!

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