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To help all women achieve the best possible health through microbial management throughout their life, starting with birth and moving through puberty up to menopause and beyond; accomplished through presentation and  translation of knowledge among scientists and healthcare professionals coupled with discussions to enhance awareness and action.

Women & their Microbes

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The ISAPP Students and Fellows Association was created as an initiative to link trainees working in fields related to probiotics, prebiotics and health effects of commensal microbes. We operate as a student-led branch of our parent group, ISAPP (

Our goal as ISAPP-SFA is to create an interactive network of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows across the globe working on probiotics, prebiotics or related fields, and thus promote real-time interactions, intellectual and technical exchanges, and other networking opportunities for our members.


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During this workshop, we will tell a story about the extraordinary partnerships between the microbes residing in us and our health. We will introduce the concepts of the gut and vaginal microbiota, its interplay with our health and its role in pregnancy, lactation and the development of an infant in early life. Furthermore, we will discuss the microbiota-managing agents (such as probiotics) play a role in woman’s health management.

Women & their Microbes Workshop

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  1. Petrova M.I. 2018. Keystone Symposium Role of Genital Tract Microbiota in Sexual and Reproductive Health, Cape Town, Sought Africa. 

  2. Petrova M.I. 2018. Invitation to present at the Career development day at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Bulgaria.

  3. Petrova M.I. 2017. 4th Balkan scientific conference on Biology, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. 

  4. Petrova M.I. 2017. 14th National Congress on Gynecology and Obstetrics, Bulgaria.

  5. Petrova M.I. 2017. Invitation to present at LB Bulgaricum (private company), Sofia, Bulgaria.

  6. Petrova M.I. 2017. 12th International Symposium on lactic acid bacteria, Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands. 

  7. Petrova M.I. 2016. Welcome Trust Conference “Exploring Human Host-Microbiome Interactions in Health and Disease” Cambridge, UK. 

  8. Petrova M.I. 2016. ISAPP annual meeting, Turku, Finland.

  9. Petrova M.I.  2015. Invitation to present at the Biochemistry Department, Western University, London, Canada. 

  10. Petrova M.I. 2015. ISAPP-SFA annual meeting. Washington, USA.

  11. Petrova M.I. 2015. 1st “Women and their microbes” conference. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

  12. Petrova M.I. 2012. International Workshop GUT Microbiota in Health and Disease. Maastricht, The Netherlands. 

  13. Petrova M.I. 2011. International Lectin Conference Brisbane, Australia. 

  14. Petrova M.I. 2010. 12th Gut Day Symposium, Ghent, Belgium. 

Presentation commitments

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Interview on Urogenital Microbiome with Dr. Karina Kaplun from MyGutMatters

Role of Lactobacillus iners in the Vaginal Microbiota

Virtual Keystone Symposia

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